What Is Palo Mayombe Religion Black Magic?

My intention of this blog is not to rewrite what has already been said about the religion of Palo Mayombe. My intention is to give you my own personal account as i have come to understand the tradition thus far as i have been apart of it for the better part of ten years. It has been said that the Palo Mayombe religion originated in Africa, the Congo country in particular and is known as La Reglas De Congo by the Spanish. Palo Mayombe is known to be the most feared form of black magic necromancy. Many like to say that Palo is the Darkside of Santeria, i beg to differ as i have come to understand Palo Mayombe as a totally separate tradition with its own rites, ceremonies, priesthoods and Deities.

The religion of Palo Mayombe is based on the propitiation and veneration of the ancestors known as “Bakulu”. The Bakulu are the spiritual essences of those who once lived in the physical and are now deceased. We paleros revere these entities as “Nfumbe” or Messengers who carry our request to the Mpungu (Deities). black magic break up spells that work The practitioner of Palo learns to harness the power of nature. The Tata Nkisi or Yaya Nkisi Malongo has the power to work with the spiritual essence of the earth, the mountains, the cemetery, the ocean, the rivers, the lightening/thunder, the transformative nature of war and so forth. These forces are not readily available to the non-initiate for they have not made the spiritual connection by way of initiation to them in order to recognize and get the attention of these most powerful elemental energies.

Is Palo Mayombe The Strongest Form Of Black Magic?

The Palo Mayombe religion has four branches. Namely Mayombe , MonteBriyumba , and Kimbisa. Each branch is similar but has its differences yet are equally effective in their ability to harness the forces of nature and the elements. The dead are a very important element in the practice of palo mayombe black magic, as the dead work as messangers who carry our request directly to the non-corporeal forces which have the ability to change our physical conditions. One of the reasons why Palo Mayombe is the strongest form of Black Magic is because it utilizes the dead to carry out all its task. The simply work faster and appeal to the mundane as well as sublime wishes of the would be Palero(a).

Since bringing my practice online 3 years ago, i have unfortunately been spiritually attacked by many spiritual workers from various religions including Haitian Voodoo, Santeria, Obeah and obviously Palo Mayombe. When a person is attacked by a spiritual force it works against the person by looking for vulnerabilities in the person physical, mental and spiritual bodies. I must admit that when practitioners of other traditions have attempted to spiritually attack me i was warned by my ancestors of the impeding attack but never felt any effects or manifestation of the desired outcome. Although when attacked by a Palero with Palo Mayombe Black Magic i would often experience the phenomena almost instantly. This is because when a Palero sends out a spirit to attack a target we do so using a flammable powder which is sacred to Paleros which allows us to send out a spirit and reach our targets in 7 minutes.

The effects manifest immediately within the weakest aspects of the person depending upon what about the person is targeted. If sickness is the intent, then the target will experience decline in the area of physical health which is the weakest. If a person is targeted by a spirit of war or one that rules over metal. The target will experience phenomena in areas of their life in which metal, war or conflict is the source. This can be a car accident, being harmed by metal or conflict with those who represent aspects of war such as police, etc.

Is Palo Mayombe Black Magic The Right Path For You?

If you are considering Palo Mayombe Black Magic as your spiritual path it is important to receive a spiritual consultation from a qualified Palero. It is only with the Nganga of the Palero can you determine if Palo Mayombe is a necessary spiritual path for your spiritual growth. You cannot go to a Santero, Mambo, Houngan, Babalawo, etc. to determine if Palo is your path. Although these priest can see Palo in your life path using various forms of divination they should always recommend you receive consulta from a Tata/Yaya Nkisi Malongo in order to determine absolutely if Palo Mayombe Black Magic is the way to go.

If you intention is to to join Palo Mayombe so that you can learn to do Witchcraft alone, you will undoubtedly learn very slow as you will create obstacles in your spiritual path by performing actions which will lead to negative effects which will set you back and cause you to learn by challenges. If you intention is to learn Palo so that you can become of service to your community and help advance on your spiritual path while making your life better. Palo Mayaombe Black Magic can be a very powerful path for you.

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