What Are Palo Mayombe Love Spells?

There are various types of Love Spells to chose from depending on the practitioner and the spiritual tradition in which they adhere to. Love Spells also differ based on what archetypal energy is being used to promote love between two people. When spiritual workers approac matters of the heart they usually go to what ever spirit in their tradition resonates with the elemental energy of LOVE. The problem arises when there is no Love equally shared between both parties for their to be a real long and lasting connection. In this case the would be love spell become impotent and the practitioner and client sees no results. This is a mistake i made early in my practice when performing love spells for my own clients. What i learned about love spells and working in the tradition of Palo Mayombe is that all love spells are not based on Love. Many are rooted in the desire to dominate the target and make them unnaturally feel a certain way about the client which they would not normally feel had no work been done to alter this emotional feeling. Palo Mayombe Love Spells work with the elemental energy of the mpungu Mama Chola. Mama Chola is the Goddess which rules over Love and Riches. She has the power to inject love into a situation where there was no love before. She has the power to cause a target to begin having emotions for a person they would normally not feel love for.

When a Palero works with Mama Chola he/she must know how to approach her and know what to offer her in order to gain the heart of the target for the client. Over the years this has been trial and error for me personally as every situation is not the same. I have come to realize that the strongest way to work with Mama Chola is to fix a work that communicates the highest level of intent and desire communicated by the client.

What Do Palo Mayombe Love Spells Require?

Palo Mayombe Mama Chola Love SpellsWhen performing Palo Mayombe Love Spells for clients its important to get as much information about their desire, while also collecting the most recent pictures, birth names and birth dates for all parties involved. Any personal effects such as hair, clothing, sexual fluids, etc. only adds to the amount of information which is fed to the spirit in the construction of the work. Palo Mayombe Love Spells are performed in various ways for example: A Palero can take the heart of a white dove which has been sacrificed to Mama Chola and wrap a petition with both names of the people involved and their pictures around the heart of the dove with other secret ingredients and placed it in the Nganga of Mama Chola indefinitely. This causes the client to gain the heart of the target and as long as this package is kept in the prenda the spell will remain in tact. I have found this to be a very powerful work for gaining the heart of another. White doves are sacred to Nsambi (GOD) and call on the power of Nsambi by way of Mama Chola to win the target over and cause them to fall in love with the client.

How Effective Are Palo Mayombe Love Spells?

Love Spells are effective depending on the situation. I have found in my experience that Palo Mayombe Love Spells where the client is completely out of contact with the target, the results take significantly longer to manifest and most clients are not patient enough to keep working with their spiritual worker to see things through. These types of spiritual works i tend to stay away from because they usually result in failure, not because of the work but because of the lack of patience and persistence to achieving the desired outcome.

Although those love spells which involve two parties who are in constant contact with one another often have the highest success because the client is able to effect the target by engaging them with acts of love and sweetness which is in alignment with the spiritual energy of Mama Chola. Palo Mayombe Love Spells where the client and target are already in a relationship tend to be the most successful because their is already love present in the union and the only thing left to be done is to bring these two people closer by surrounding them with more love energy and emotion. Although the more you put into a Palo Mayombe Love Spell the more you will get out of it. I have found that many Paleros and spiritual workers make their loves too simple and therefore don’t provide the spirit with enough essential information in order to make a deeper impact on the spiritual body of the target and therefore limited results are seen if any at all.

Now and in the future i take Love Spells very serious and put a lot more into them in order to better effect the target even against their will. Many clients say they don’t want to make a person love them, but sub consciously they do which is why they seek out a spiritual worker in the first place. Much care and focus must be taken when constructing these types of spiritual works and they must not be rushed. I have made this mistake myself in the past and received limited to no results. When i am able to provide the spirit with everything that is needed communicating the intent and desire in the strongest manner. Results can be almost immediate. One of the reasons why my love work is costly and requires the client to follow every instruction i give.

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