is your premiere source for Real Black Magic Spells in the form of Spiritual Consultation and Religious Services. We are a spiritual house and religious temple dedicated to helping our clients and those in the community manifest all their goals and desires by working with natural, elemental and ancestral forces under GOD (Nsambi) which we have been authentically initiated into through the Afro Cuban Religions of Palo Mayombe, Ifa, and Santeria. Our website is designed to provide spiritual and religious services for people from all walks of life and anywhere in the world.

Our services always begin with the traditional spiritual consultation. During the consultation our experienced priest will consult with the spiritual powers (ancestors) of our tradition and spiritual lineage in order to determine the cause of the individual’s spiritual affliction. We are able to look deep into your situation whether it be a matter of the heart or love, blockages in life, spiritual attacks, legal situations, career goals, etc. Once we have determined the cause of the problem we then prescribe a “bilongo” or spiritual medicine which we perform with our spiritual altars.

Once a client has paid for “consultation” a date and time is determined where the client contacts our priest via the mobile app “WhatsApp” where we communicate via Video Call. During this call the client gets a look into our spiritual temple where they receive a detailed explanation of what will done to remedy them of their spiritual affliction. Once the client decides that he/she wants to move forward with the spiritual work. They are directed to where they can submit payment through our website and then they are emailed a Service Agreement which they are required to digitally sign and return to our office before work is performed. The Service Agreement protects both the client and from any legal issues which may arise in the future.

Once the spiritual work is completed, a video proof is sent to the client via WhatsApp or email where they can be assured that the spiritual work which they paid for has been performed. All spiritual work is given at least 21 Days before a follow up consultation is needed to determine if the spiritual work is manifesting as desired.

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